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After two days of extreme culture shock in Canada, we just had to get back to the good ol' U. S. of A!

Apparently, getting back into your home country is faster than leaving it. However, it appears that agents from both sides of the border are equally humorless. Who doesn't laugh at a good loonie joke?  Also note the sound of the agent knocking on the van's hi-top. Good thing we know better than to stash the weed up there.

Video Here

Now that we're back, we have some questions for you crazy Canucks:
  • Why do some of your green traffic lights flash?
  • Exactly how much gas do I get for $113.11? (per liter? per barrel? per tank?)
  • At $75 per crossing*, do only your wealthiest live on Vancouver Island?
  • How do you pronounce the number 7?  Hooked on Phonics isn't working for us on this one...

    * Cost for 1 van + 2 passengers


    1. Extreme culture shock? Are you talking about the fact that our product labels have both French and English on them?

      As for the toll to Vancouver Island, that is only $75 Canadian - which is only worth about $75 US right now...

      But did you notice how much better our beer is?

      I hope you come visit us in Calgary, but I will understand if you skip. I will bake some cookies for your travels if you do stop by.

    2. We were just joking about the extreme culture shock thing. We actually felt like we were in an alternate reality version of the US where things were just slightly different and slightly less dumb (e.g. - No Cuban embargo.).

      And yes, Molson is delicious.

    3. Molson? Pshaw...

      There are a million Canadian beers better than Molson (although Canadian is a great beer when watching hockey).

      It's currently snowing like crazy here in Calgary. When would you see that in Phoenix?

    4. We'll have to have a Canadian beer taste test when we return! Perhaps with the fresh baked cookies waiting for us in Calgary... :)

    5. Are you going to be heading up this way? Give me a day or two notice if you are. As I say, we'd love to see you guys, and I would be happy to be a tour guide on the tour of Canadian beers.

    6. We'll be here in Washington for about 7 or 8 more days and then we'll head over to Glacier National Park. We'll be sure to give you some notice if we do head north from there.


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