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Graveyard of the Pacific

At the mouth of the Columbia River. Fascinating history in this area. Look it up...


  1. You two look to be having a fantastic time and I am thoroughly happy for you both. I hope you enjoy every moment! Even if you're ill it's better than working and you can still have a beer or ten in the mid-day hour.

    I was thinking Andrea and I might one day be able to do something similar then I remembered we couldn't because that would violate Andreas' master plan for our (my) life.

    In case you are not familiar Andrea has a master plan for us (I really mean me) that can be summed up by saying that she is planning to keep me working, and saving as much money as possible along the way, with hollow promises of delayed gratification until I die. Effectivley milking my best years like some non renewable natural resource being bled dry. At which point she will buy a dozen cats and blow through the money earned during the best unfullfilled years of my life.

  2. Did you know that it is legal in Arizona to beat your wife once a month?



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