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Thanks, Eyjafjallajökull!

For the past several months, we've been monitoring the price of flights to Europe and praying that they would drop from the crazy high season prices we were seeing. $1000/ticket? Not in our budget.

But then came the volcanic eruption in Iceland and *POOF* airline prices started dropping. We are now the proud owners of two tickets to Amsterdam via Icelandair for the grand total of...

...wait for it...


Yep, that's the price for TWO tickets. Woohoo!!

If you are planning on visiting us while we are in Europe, now is the time to buy! And you should totally plan to visit us. Because we miss you.



Ummmmmm....I forgot to mention that this was a one-way ticket. I just checked the RT prices and they are much higher. Boooo. But it does seem like they've gone down some because we were not seeing that low for one-way prices before the eruption. So you should still come visit us anyway!


  1. what's your time frame for europe? i'd have to go back to work to afford it but i'd like to try & swing it if it all worked out.

  2. We will be there from July to about December and would LOVE to have you visit!!!!

  3. Have fun overseas!

    You asked about stuff to do and see on the East coast. Here're a few ideas...

    I see you're going to Montreal, I'd add Quebec to that list if you can. They're crazy French speaking fascists but the historic city is suppose to be amazing. I've never been but wouldn't miss going if I was back in the area.

    Vermont - In Burlington check out Ben and Jerry's - take a tour of the factory. Stowe is the quintessential New England town.

    Maine - If you're in the area Acadia National Park is beautiful. Drive the coastal hwy 1 and stop periodically for fresh lobster, or my personal favorite, fried clam rolls.

    New Hampshire - It's a wonderful state but I don't think there's anything I'd go out of my way to see here, except maybe to drive to the top of Mount Washington - great views from the 6,000' peak. Or take the train from Bretton woods.

    Mass - Stop in Salem and check out all the crazy witch themed stores, museums and the graveyard where they hung those young ladies after the witch trials. It's spooky.

    Mass - In Boston walk the freedon trail ( it's a free walking tour just download the map from the website, printed versions are avaialable around the city. Have a picnic lunch in the Boston Public Garden adjacent to Boston Common, walk through Harvard square or if you want to spend money take a Duck Tour on a vintage WWII amphibious vehicle through the streets of the city and into the Charles River. Grab slices of pizza in the North End, check out the New England Aquarium and take in views of the city from high atop the Skywalk in the Prudential building (

    Mass - If you want a lot of history head out to Concord, MA and check out Old North Bridge ( and Walden Pond. Or head to Plimoth Plantation (

    Mass - If you're going to the Cape I'd recommend taking the ferry from Woods Hole to Martha's Vineyard (where they filmed some of the movie Jaws). You can take the van over and stay at a campground then check out the island.

    Rhode Island - There're several walking tour of downtown Providence including Architecture ( and/or Ghosts ( if you're into that sort of thing. Also check out the famous mansions in Newport RI, there are a few self guided tours or pay for a guided tour (

    Conn - Try your luck at the largest resort casino in the country, Foxwoods (

    OK that's enough from me. Have a great time. I'm enjoying the blog.

  4. @Jay - this is FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for the list! We look forward to trying it all out and reporting back on the blog...


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