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One year ago...

...we were packing up the van for our great adventure; deciding on what to take with us and what to leave behind. (ProTip: Much more should have gone in the 'leave behind' pile.) We were  all full of excitement at the possibilities that stretched out before us. And, yes, we certainly did have some adventures. (Many of which we *still* need to post about! Don't worry, more to come in the near future.) But what has become of the Curious Souls since then, you ask? What is so 'alternative' about our living now? Well, this trip changed our lives. The time we spent traveling, reading, reflecting while not working, helped us define what we want for our lives now and and in the future.  So what is it that we actually want ? To Work For Ourselves I won't lie: in the beginning, we were afraid (well, Ellen was afraid). Not having a regular paycheck was a bit of an adjustment for two people conditioned to expect one. But it turns out that it was unfounded