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Sleepless in San Fran

Why, oh why, did I have that extra cup of chai?

Because it was delicious! (Also, I had some wine in me.)

We had two stellar dining experiences yesterday thanks to some excellent recommendations from friends. Although we can't possibly try every restaurant out there for budgetary and temporal considerations, we truly appreciate hearing about your favorite eats in the cities through which we pass. Keep them coming!

Ellen had her first experience (my second experience) with dim sum at Ton Kiang. Pork buns, pot stickers, shrimp and spinach dumplings and even... what? cold asparagus?!  sure...  why not...  we'll take some. It all passed through our famished gullets (we skipped breakfast).  So thanks, Michael, for hooking us up with that suggestion!

It was a beautiful, sunny day and so, after blunch, we enjoyed a long walk through Golden Gate Park over to the beach and then took the light rail (you have some catching up to do, Phoenix) back to Market St. to recover our clean and expertly folded laundry1.

After spending a couple hours on the phone with Verizon to attempt to debug my mobile web connectivity issues2,  we decided to grab a late dinner.

Omer directed us to a Pakistani / Indian restaurant in his old stomping grounds - a short walk from our hotel.  Yum, yum, yum.  We kept our selections familiar with veggie samosas, some naan, seekh kabab and, hot ziggity... the creamiest chicken tikka masala we'd ever tasted.  Excellent suggestion, O!

But, yeah, remind me not to drink black tea after 8 PM again.  I've been tapping the keyboard pretty hard during this post in an effort to work off the extra caffeine.  I'll let you know how that works out for me.  Off to try to get a few more winks...


1 I honestly think that a laser level may have been involved in the folding process; at the very least, a T-square. I'm considering donating one of these recently laundered shirts to SI.  They ought to be able to use it for something."I have calculated that your widget is precisely 14.334 Boekes."

2 No luck resolving the phone issues, so even LESS internets now.  Grrr...  This is when the wine consumption began in earnest. You may have noticed a trend here. Wine to Internet Ratio (WIR) statistics to be posted in the near future.


  1. So you MUST go to these two places:

    1. Tartine Bakery in the Mission.
    Go hungry & order one of everything on the menu, if you go early, their Morning Buns are to die for... and also you must have one of their Pain au Jambon's. Yum, I am drooling on the keyboard. Did you notice I said you MUST go there? Yes, do not leave that city until you go there.

    2. Point Reyes National Seashore
    Truly Spectacular.

    Maybe you can visit this creamery while you are there...


  2. That is EXACTLY where we are planning on going this morning! Our SF friend who lives in Phoenix has raved about that place so much that we just couldn't pass it up. After hearing your review, now I'm really looking forward to it!!

    As for Point Reyes, we'll make sure we hit it on the way out of town!

  3. Just saw the recommendation for the creamery - yuuuummmm!! We'll have to put that on the list as well - we extended our stay by a day so we should have plenty of time to fit it in!

  4. Waaaah! Just checked the creamery site and there are no tours until the 14th. :(

  5. :(

    Enjoy the rest though!

    The creamery has a shop here in DC & I always thought it would be cool to visit the real creamery.

  6. It would be great to all go to the creamery together when we get to DC.

  7. Man, I wish I was there to give you guys a personal tour, but looks like you're doing pretty well for yourselves! Pakwan, Tartine, and all.

    If you do decide to move there, let me know. I may just move back. :)

    - O

  8. Thaaaaaat would be awesome!! Start making plans...we're 98.6% sure...ETA maybe in the next year or two.

  9. Oh how exciting - just the same time I will be moving there! Hooray!

  10. First dim sum? Wow. Did you stop at Point Lobos?

  11. @Rachel - Even I am amazed that I've never had Dim Sum! As for Point Lobos, somehow we missed it. Good thing we're moving to San Fran so we can check it out then! ;)


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