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We Are Alive...

...and deep in the heart of Texas! Thanks for all the wine, Susan! :) I am fortunate to have a couple of friends and numerous family in Texas and we have been having a great time visiting them both in Houston and in the Texas Hill Country between San Antonio and Austin. They have all made us feel so incredibly special, cooking us fantastic meals, taking us out to eat, and many of them making special trips to come and see us. One such individual is my cousin Travis who works for the fire department. He let me play with his truck... Video Thanks for everything, y'all! I love you so much!!

Home Again, Home Again

After a relatively uneventful international border crossing, we are back in the States. We're not quite sure why it was easier to get into the US from Iceland than it was  from Canada , but we didn't mind in the least. We've shaken off most of the jet lag and fired up the van which, by European standards, now seems as big as a house. And, technically, it is our house. Video And now, we head West again. Check out the tentative plan! ( and the map ).

Happy Birthday to Me!

Thanks to Jon, I had the best birthday ever! It started with a three hour bike tour of Copenhagen... ...followed by a Bailey's and coffee and beer while we dried out (it drizzled a bit on us at the end)... ...and then delicious Thai food and a bottle of my favorite wine . It was the perfect day for reflecting on the blessings in my life; my current adventure, my family and friends and, most importantly, my husband. Thank you all for being in my life and making me feel so special!

Get On Board The Night Train

While in theory, a Night Train is an excellent idea, in practice, sleeping in a bed that is being constantly jolted from side to side does not work so well. Although we didn't get full-on REM sleep, we did make it from Paris to Prague without paying for a hotel for the night. VIDEO And at the very least, we felt like we were in a Hitchcock movie (except with a slightly smaller cabin and, also, nobody tried to kill us).