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The Stuff that Happened in Oregon

First, we went to Portland.

We went to the old Kennedy School and had dinner with Carol and Ashley at their Courtyard Restaurant.  After that, we saw Crazy Heart (for $3!! THREE DOLLARS!!) while sitting in comfy chairs and drinking beer. Why has that idea not caught on? The "showing slightly older movies but with beer/alcohol" idea? Anyway, that's the longest Ellen has ever seen Jon sit through country music1. Yay!

We also went to Voodoo Doughnut cause Anna told us there were penis donuts there. There was a line and Ellen wanted to stay and Jon didn't but Ellen won. We got pictures and three donuts each and then went into a sugar coma.

Then we left Portland and toured the Tillamook cheese factory. Heads up Napa, this is the way it's done. BooYaa! You give people free, delicious cheese and then watch them buy cheese after that. We bought three different kinds of cheese. Yuuuuuummmm!!! Also, they had some ridiculously yummy non-cheese crap for sale.

Vid Link

Then we went to Astoria, the home of The Goonies and also, Short Circuit!

Oh yeah, also the Columbia River Bar and Maritime Museum.

Movie Link

Movie Link

And we stayed two nights at the Fort Stevens State Park because it was only $13 / night (compared to $30 in some parts of California) and had FREE showers. We're going to repeat that because we're not sure that you understand how rare this is. FREE SHOWERS2. Holy crap.

Last night, we had a soggy Oregon dinner...

And then played Scrabble...

Video Linkage

Got drunk on BV wine...

El Linko

Took pictures...

And blogged.

Now you are up to date.


1 Jon says it's only because Jeff Bridges was in it. And he was in Tron. And also, Big Lebowski. Whatever. Ellen thinks he just liked that the main character's top pants button and belt was undone all of the time.

2 Compare again to the CA State Park near Napa that was charging $1.00 for 2.5 minutes of shower time.  We didn't know until then that two of us could take a shower with only 5 total minutes of running water. (Get wet, lather, rinse, repeat.)


  1. I saw Crazy Hearts with my Grandmother. I hate country musak but the movie was good. A little depressing but good.

  2. I liked it as well although I actually like country music. It was a bit depressing but also a little surprising as it didn't follow the typical "story of a musician" movies we've seen (a la Ray Charles and Johnny Cash) that end with the musician having almost irrevocably wrecking his life.


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