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Smelly in San Fran

Today was quite a day.

We slept in another Walmart parking lot last night, this one in fancy-pants Mountain View, CA only three miles from Google home base. We slept well but the last time we showered was Sunday so we awoke this morning desperate to be clean.

My friend Don was in San Fran today for a conference and was available to hang out from 2:30-5ish so, not wanting to be stinky for the visit, we spent what turned into the entire morning and early afternoon looking for a public shower. 

We failed...and then proceeded to have a head banging, brain exploding melt down, a major pity party that may have been started by not finding a shower but was really about the fact that we Do Not Have Internet

This is becoming a MAJOR issue for us. It turns out that we use the internets for pretty much everything; for finding showers, campsites, hotel rooms, internet cafes (oh, the irony), communicating with our friends and family, blogging, budgeting, money tracking, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. 

The only solution to that kind of angst is wine...

...which we had in large quantities thanks to Don, who didn't mind at all that we were stinky. 

And the solution to the shower? We booked a room in a beautiful San Francisco hotel until Thursday. With a shower and an internet connection. Bllllllliiiiiiisssss.


  1. Have you considered checking out a gym? Each city is a potential home, right? I believe that trial membership at every gym I've belonged to is 3 days to a week and they usually have showers. On a side note, do you have a fridge in the van? Or just a cooler? If you have a cooler, and were not already aware, most McDonalds will fill up a cooler with ice for free as a community service.
    Best of Luck!

  2. I like the idea of asking about a trial membership. Yesterday, we did ask a couple of gyms about a single day pass and that was about $15. But I like the idea of asking about a free trial. It will be funny when the only thing we "try out" is the shower. :)

    I did know that McD's had cheap ice ($1 a bag instead of around $3 at gas stations) but we haven't tried asking for a free one. We'll do that next time and I'll report back here on what happens!

    We'll be up in Oregon in a couple weeks and we'd love to see you and Pete and meet Ashley!

  3. You guys look anything but unwashed in this picture. Funny how much easier it is to be un-showered when camping but not in a big city!

  4. Don certainly looks dashing. And I'll take it as a compliment that I don't look too terrible! :) It is TOTALLY easier to be dirty when camping or even in smaller towns and, ironically, it is also easier to get clean in those situations, too (solar shower, small city pools, etc). But the big city is so much fun...!

  5. wine helps everything! my friend richard (the naked guy on my frige) sent me a card that says "god gave us wine because he wants us to be happy." you don't have to be a believer to believe that! btw, you don't look stinky.

  6. Thanks, Leanne! I should keep in mind that other people can't always see how gross I feel! And I definitely agree with Richard!!


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