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On Top of Old Copper

I wanna tell you about a really fun weekend that we neglected reporting on here on the blog. Back in early April, some friends of ours invited us up to their family condo at Copper Mountain . Three stories tall with huge windows facing the mountain. Hot tub out back. Super swank. So, thanks again for the good times, Hammies! And here's a little video of our time on the mountain... Vid

Flashback: A New Series Recapping the Missed Adventures of the Curious Souls : Part I

It was about this time last year that the blog started getting a little patchy. We would post when we could, but we left some holes and we missed sharing a lot of fun stuff with you! We always had the intent to go back and review and now, this is our chance. Flashback to Southern Maryland: The Souls were taking some time off from the road and being treated to garden-fresh meals, VIP art tours , and fancy drinks . We even had some spa treatment! (I highly recommend the entertaining show.) One of the things we missed talking about was our water-borne adventures. In addition to some paddling around St. Mary's River/Bay in kayaks, MB and family took us out for a spin on the St. Mary's College boat. Vid Later on, we had some personalized small boat sailing instruction and even took one of the smaller boats out on our own for a spell. The fact that we managed to stay dry the whole time cemented our love of wind-powered vessels. If anyone has an extra sailboat, we'll

Ask and Ye Shall Recieve

It was only yesterday that Ellen posted this on her Facebook page... And then, tonight, this happened... Vid Link I guess hail is a little bit like snow, right?

End of an Era

Well, we've had some fantastic adventures in the old Eagle. But now, 497 days later, the time has come for us to go our separate ways. Yes, two vehicles in the household turns out to be just one too many for the Curious Souls. And our new (to us) Honda Element is proving to be quite the utilitarian "mini van" in its own right. And so, we bid you adieu good friend... Video link Here is the Craigslist Posting for those that are interested. We'd love for her to go to a good home.