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I Just Had to Share This

I have figured out how to remove the shell from a soft boiled egg WITHOUT removing half of the white part of the egg along with it¹!! Check out this beautiful specimen from my breakfast this morning: Gorgeous, isn't it?! Are you ready for the secret? Here it is: Leave the eggs out on the counter OVERNIGHT² so that they are at room temperature³ when you cook them! Et Voila! Perfect eggs! In case you are interested, my soft boiled egg technique is as follows (modified from Nigella Lawson 's always fantastic advice): Put room temperature eggs in a pot and fill with enough lukewarm water to cover the eggs by about an inch or so.  Put pot on stove and turn heat to high. Bring to a boil and keep boiling for 45 seconds. Remove from heat and let sit for 8 minutes. Remove eggs and put in another bowl full of cold water. Peel and eat! UPDATE: Apparently, this technique works only for store bought eggs and not fresh eggs fresh from the chicken. Boo!! For those of you

Fun With Beer!

The other big (and super fun) thing we did with our friends when they visited this past weekend was go on factory tours at both Odell Brewing Co and New Belgium Brewing . Odell Tour stats: Approximately 30 minutes long About 25 people in our group Knowledgeable and laid back tour guide Small operation (62 employees, one building) and unfortunately not running since it was a Saturday I love Odell beer. Love, love, love it. And not to be too melodramatic, but it has changed my relationship with beer. Before moving here and falling in love with them, I did not like IPA's or stouts. But their IPA's and stouts? Ah-mah-zing. Obviously, their recipes have something to do with it but I learned on the tour that they don't pasteurize their beer. I actually have no idea whether or not this actually affects the taste (they say it does) but it's sounds cool, yes? Every time we've been to their tasting room, they have different beers available to try out. Turns ou

Fun in the Snow!

We had some friends come visit us this weekend and guess what we did? We went sledding!! Want to guess where we went? Video Rocky Mountain National Park ! We rented two different types of sleds... ...and ripped up the slopes (as much as we could rip up a not very steep slope covered with small children). Video Thanks for the fun, ARS!