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The Wheels On the Van Go Round and Round: May Recap

We had a VERY busy month!

On The Road

Video here

Miles Traveled: 6369.3 miles
Gallons of Gas Consumed: 393.11 gallons
States and Provinces Passed Through: Seventeen
National, State and Provincial Parks Visited: Eight
Border Crossings: Six

Is anyone else tired just looking at those numbers?

Social Life

Friends and Family Visited: Forty Three
Locks passed through: One

The driving may have exhausted us but it was definitely worth it to connect and re-connect with family and old and new friends!

Resting Our Weary Bodies

Nights in Friends or Families Homes: Thirteen
Nights in Parking lots: Twelve (Walmart = nine, Other = three)
Nights in Campgrounds or Kampgrounds: Six

Look, Ma! No hotels!


State Farm: I guess they raised our rates or something this month? Note to self: call State Farm.

Food: Yeah, we went over...but not by too much. In fact, we spent almost the exact same amount as last month. We were actually on track (thanks to everyone along the way who helped us out!) until we hit Montreal. We couldn't visit without getting poutine, Montreal Smoked Meat and drinking wine in the parc could we??

Auto: Yeah, we went over...but did you see how many miles we traveled this month?! Additionally, we got a much overdue oil change (thanks, Uncle Jim, for the oil!) and a radiator flush and fill after we almost over-heated the van in Vermont.

Ellen's Allowance: I think we've established that I always go over, yes?

Summary: I'm pretty pleased how the month played out financially given the crazy number of miles we drove and the additional car maintenance requirements. We are definitely grateful to all of our friends and family who housed and fed us this month. We love you guys!

What's Next?

Well, you saw our schedule but I'll let you into a little secret: we are probably going to cut out Tennessee because, frankly, I'm sick to death of long driving days. As of today, we officially have 12 days left in the van (probably less after the schedule revision) and will spend the latter half of the month luxuriating in some much needed R&R time with Jon's family. Because, you know, not working, driving around seeing friends, family and our beautiful country is sooooooo hard. :)


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