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Boston: Part II

Boston was not all torrential rain. Let me tell you about some of our drier moments.

Wow is this city difficult to navigate! Even with GPS helping us, there are so many tunnels and bridges and odd intersections throughout.


It took us twice as long as expected to get to brunch at Scup's, but the delicious food was worth it. And even more interesting were the quirky art installations all around the Boston Harbor Shipyard where the restaurant was located.

The public transportation in Boston was much easier to navigate than the roads, and so we opted to keep the car parked for the rest of the weekend.


While roaming around the city, we traveled through the gas-lit neighborhood of Charleston. We had already been walking past many quaint historic homes when we spotted an open house. We explained to the agent that we weren't really in the market for his half-million, late 1800's home, but that we just wanted to look inside. He happily obliged and even guided us up to the roof top terraces for a better view of the city. Thanks, Duncan!


We continued on our way to the Bunker Hill Monument and braved the 294 steps to the top.


Continuing down the Freedom Trail, we made a brief stop at the U.S.S. Constitution.

At that point, we needed to head back to the waterfront for our previously scheduled boat tour. And you know what happens next.


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