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It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times

We learned a little bit about ourselves on our visit to Toronto: turns out we initially judge a city by the quality of it's Walmart.

Oldest Walmart in Canada?

Video here

Our first night in Toronto was tough. I refused to sleep in that Walmart parking lot so we drove around looking for a more "acceptable" Walmart. I got a migraine and threw up in the new Walmart parking lot. And it was a pretty warm night so we sweated it out with only an electric bubble blower to cool us down (Jon searched the ENTIRE store for fans and that was the only thing they had).

Not an auspicious start to our visit.

Fortunately, our luck changed in the morning when we met up with Taben's awesome Aunt Jeff who kindly gave us access to her shower, cups of tea and lots of great tips and advice about Toronto.

We had a delicious lunch at Motimahal in Little India...

Yep, that naan was as good as it looks.

And then took the ferry from downtown to Toronto Island.

We walked the island all afternoon, catching glimpses of the beautiful Toronto skyline.

If the day before had been one of our worst days thus far, that day on the island was one of our best. With every breeze from the water and every conversation we had that day, we reflected on how lucky we are and how excited we are about our future. We are nearing the end of our North American tour (16 more days in the van!) and we appreciate you traveling along with us. Our life is a blessing and we are grateful to be able to share it with you.


  1. T Dot! Ah, my good ol' native town. My visit back is long overdue. But still, I apologize on behalf of its WalMarts for being way too danky / bereft of all cooling devices apart from bubble machines (?!).

    - O

  2. Good Grief - I'm so sorry you had such a crappy 1st night in T.O. (but that video is hilarious!)
    I AM glad the day turned out for you on the Islands...phew! It is the best view of the city.
    It was great to meet you both - and I'm looking forward to reading about the rest of your adventures. Keep yer eyes on the road and yer hands upon the wheel!
    CHEERS! Taben's awesome Aunt Jeff ;)

  3. @O: No need to apologize. Any Toronto wrongs were righted by that naan alone.

    @Aunt Jeff: Thanks again for the island recommendation. We had a conversation with a man prepping his boat at the yacht club and we are completely convinced that we need to continue our journey on a sailboat. So look for us sailing by again soon!


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