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The Centennial State

It's official. We are Coloradans.

Fun facts:
  • Highest Point: Mount Elbert (14,440 ft)
  • Lowest Point: Arikaree River (3,315 ft)
  • Motto: Nil Sine Numine
  • Animal: Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
  • Bird: Lark Bunting
  • Fish: Greenback Cutthroat Trout
  • Flower: White and Lavender Columbine
  • Fossil: Stegosaurus
  • Gemstone: Aquamarine
  • Insect: Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly
  • Tree: Colorado Blue Spruce
  • Reptile: Western Painted Turtle
Although our Arizona DL's expire in 2039/2040 (at age 65) we decided to update our residence to the address where we will officially be conducting all of our business (bills, retirement accounts, pet registration, etc.).

Also, all of our remaining stuff is here.

Now that the panicked rush to get out of the house is over, we have been spending quite a bit of time paring down from our original jam-packed 6x6x12 trailer (and van space) that we used to move it all here. We have our goodies separated into that which shall kept and that which we will take on the road with us. Thanks again to Ellen's dad for building some extra shelving for us to store our extraordinarily important belongings...

Video link here.

We didn't quite fill up the whole shelf.

But we did put some temperature sensitive stuff, such as photos, baby books and... yes... buttons, down in the basement.

And, here is the pile of stuff that we will take with us in the van (if it all fits).

Other than a safety deposit box, the van, and some clothes in the guest room closet, the pictures in this blog post are a complete inventory of all of our worldly possessions.


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