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A Tale of Two Drying Racks

Please raise your hand if you have ever owned a drying rack that looks like this:

I think it is required by law for all American college kids to have this in their first apartment. I sure did and honestly, I really hated it. It didn't hold that many clothes and that stupid top fastening piece always came undone when I was putting clothes on it. Not a very positive air drying experience.

I didn't hang on to it (haha). Instead, I ended up drying most of my clothes in the dryer and hanging my delicates over the shower curtain rod. Not good for my clothes and not good for my electric bill.

Then I went to Europe and met this beauty*:

We promptly purchased one as soon as we got into our Fort Collins house and so far, we love it. We are able to get two large loads on it at one time:

The only thing that doesn't fit on the rack are sheets. We're being a little creative with drying those:


Hopefully, this will positively impact our electric bill. We need more money for beer!


Every single one of the friends we stayed in Europe had one because every one of our friends over there air dries their clothes. All of them. As in, they don't own an electric clothes dryer.


  1. i have the old model & love it. rescued it from dumpster life. i use it all the time. the new one looks bitchen tho. viva la brewski!!!!

  2. I've owned and used both models. I agreed with your assessment and when I went to buy your #2 when in Montreal...I couldn't find it. I ended up finding another which is better on the one hand...holds more clothes...but annoying on the other...the racks pop off when I pull clothes off. Mostly it drives me crazy because it is the racks that hold the thing together, and when they come off the whole thing collapses. It makes me crazy...but I am cheap and practical and won't get rid of it until it is no longer even a little bit useful.

  3. Here is my most recent...

  4. @Leanne - Free is best!!

    @Taben - Your rack look awesome!

    @Both - How do you dry your sheets?

  5. Sheets are that we are in the apartment I almost always use the drier. Sometimes I will hang on the shower curtain rod. When I had a house with a clothesline it was easy.

  6. i use my dryer. i actually use my dryer for a lot of stuff including clothes. i use the rack for beach towels, rugs, bedspreads, clothes i don't want to put in the dryer. years ago i loved hanging my clothes on a clothesline.

  7. Yeah, I think that I'm just going to have to string a line outside for the sheets. Since it's a rental, I doubt they'll let me put in permanent posts but maybe I could convince them to let me put hooks on the house and the garage and string between them??


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