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The Romance of Europe by Train

We are on the move! We decided to buy Eurail passes and spend the next month and a half doing a circuit of Western Europe, Morocco and some of Eastern Europe.

We love traveling by train! Video here.

Our tentative schedule is below and has also been updated on the Europe map link under "Where Are We Going".

If you have been to any of the locations we will be visiting, please let us know your favorite (preferably free) activities and sights!


  1. Let me know if you find your way to Geneva...I have a good friend there who would (probably) happily meet up with you guys if she is around. My favourite place to eat in Prague was Kmotra pizzeria. I did a great bike tour of Munich (Mike's Bike tour), also a couple of good walking tours. Ooops...looks like you've already left there. I had the best ever hot dog at the base of the Eiffel Tower. They take a baguette, drive a spike through it and squirt in the condiments and pop the weiner in. (You can see how adventurous my diet dogs and pizza).

  2. In Barcelona, you cannot miss the architecture of Antoni Gaudi. The Sagrada Familia cathedral was started in 1883 and will be under construction until 2030! Although it is under construction, it is open to the public for tours -- definitely one that I'd pay to see again. Also his Casa Mila (aka La Pedrera) you can tour; down the road Casa Batllo (from the outside). Finally, Parque Guell --great architecture plus an amazing view of the city.

    Las Ramblas - a huge public market (beware of pick pockets though!)

    Don't miss the excellent Tapas bars!

    I never made it to Malaga, but I heard that the Cathedral was worth seeing. Nearby in Granada is the Alhambra -- very impressive, I highly recommend seeing it.

    As far as Morocco, we were warned as females to stay by the men we were with and cover our arms and women that were not covered had stones thrown at them by the Moroccan men.


    -Sarah Sharer

  3. so haooy to see you guys are making it to Morocco! My favorite ocation, though, is "Eastern Europe". Leaving it open to chance, i believe....

    Ive been to Barcelona as well and LOVED it, but Sarah recommended all the places I would. I stayed in a fantastic hostel in the Plaza Reial, but I was 21 so my idea of "fantastic" has changed a bit.

    have a great time. can't wait for updates!



  4. @Taben - I love the pizza and hot dog recommendations! There is nothing wrong with either of those food groups!! And we will be going through Geneva but likely not stopping as we will be visiting a friend outside of Lausanne. Thanks for the tips!

  5. @Sarah K (cause I'm not used to your new last name yet :) - thanks for the specific Gaudi recommendations! I visited Barcelona years ago for like a day and half and really wished I had time to explore the architecture. I'm so excited to check it out in depth! And thanks for the heads up re: Morocco - I will be very careful! Now to just add in Granada and the Alhambra...

  6. @Sara W - yes, we decided that we just couldn't pass up Morocco since we're going to be so close! As for our vague "Eastern Europe" destination, I swear there is a perfectly logical reason for that! We aren't sure yet exactly when we are visiting my friend in Copenhagen so we don't know how much time we have for that part of Europe. But...I'm pretty confident we are going to Poland. We'll see. :) Oh, and we'll check out the Plaza Reial hostel - I'm sure it's still fantastic!


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