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The Perfect Storm

After Maine, we went to Boston. We really liked Boston and had a lot of fun with Simone while happily sharing her room at the Westin. Thanks again, Simone!

I'll get to all the details later, but for now, I'm going to jump directly to the most exciting part of our Boston experience. On our second day, we were going to take a RIB boat tour of the islands. We reserved on-line, but when we finally got to the pier, we were told that the captain had canceled our trip due to the potential for bad weather. We walked away in disappointment and decided to go back to the hotel room instead - and grab a bottle of duty-free gin out of the van on the way.

And then this happened...

Video Link

...horizontal rain. Rain that moved in like a swarm of bees. Rain so hard that Ellen thought it was hail. Rain that drenched us in seconds. Rain that blew letters off of building signs. Rain that destroyed the camera in my pocket and made this video the last one I took1. Rain that filled the entire parking lot with 4 inches of water in minutes. Really. Impressive. Rain.

So, tell me, Bostonians. How often does this kind of thing happen?


1. In retrospect, operating the camera while it was dripping wet was likely a bad decision. But, after a recent disassembly, some minor corrosion scraping and reassembly, the camera appears to be working again. All except the "play button" that lets me review the pictures and videos on camera. I guess it will just have to be like an old school film camera now and I'll have to wait to see the results until I "develop" my SD card on the computer.


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