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Mainely Maine

It's true.  There were a lot of punny store names like the one above in Maine. Truth be told, this phenomenon was not unique to Maine. Vancouver even had a furniture store called "Sofa, So Good."

But, I digress. On with the show...

After crossing our last Canada-US border we headed to Acadia NP. We spent some time canoeing on Long Pond...

Video Link

...and went on a hike before a big thunderstorm rolled in.

White Wet Flower

Pine Drops

Acadia Boekes

Acadia Boats

We left Acadia in the pouring rain and headed to the capital city, Portland. Neither of us had ever eaten a whole lobster before, so we figured that this was the place to try.  Yelp led us to J's Oyster, right on the pier. While waiting for a table, we met lots of extremely nice and gregarious Maineians and even more after we were finally seated at the bar. We learned how to properly dismantle and disect one from the nice men next to us who also offered us some lobster trivia.

Maine Lobster

You might have noticed that this lobster has no claws. We had already dug in before I remembered to take this picture so you are looking at a reassembled lobster sans delicious claws.

And this post is sans good ending. You may recall that we're still enjoying ourselves with my sister and family in southern Maryland. And tonight, that means + The Bartenders Black Book. A fun game for sure, but one that takes away all motivation for quality writing. We'll try to do better tomorrow. Good night!


  1. do well in reassembly :)

  2. Why thank you! Fortunately we remembered to reassemble before we started breaking off the little legs and sucking out the meat!


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