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Big Money, No Whammies!

We went to dinner last night with Jon's parents and two of his nephews. After dinner we opened our fortune cookies and mine said this:

Woohoo!! The first part of that is right so the second must be as well, right??


To help fate out a little bit, we bought a North Carolina Powerball ticket using the numbers on the back of my fortune...and all the other fortunes from our table as well just in case.

Wish us luck!


  1. wow! i hope this comes true!

  2. Wouldn't that just be crazy if it did???

  3. Ellen,
    I think at this point I must remind you on the verbal contract you entered in as the responded, i.e. Ellen Elizabeth Boeke Jurischk (you), in which stated, verbally, that you will share every and all lottery winnings with the family, i.e. brother ("in law", i.e. co-respondent Jonathan Jurischk Boeke, who is under the executive order in subsection I(a1) of the verbal contract which states co-respondent already agrees with and will adhere to all verbal contracts the respondent enters into without question) and nephew of the respondent. Percentage of share in the lottery winnings to be divided up is as follows by an exact quote by the respondent, "A whole shitload of money yo".
    (2) copies completed, (1) sent to respondent and (1) sent to co-respondent.
    No further.

  4. Matt - Your winnings are in the mail. Is a check for $0.00 legal tender?

  5. Lol! So i guess that means I owe you guys 1/3 the cost of a stamp? Better luck next time, the contract is binding for life.


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