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I spy...

I was looking for directions on Google Maps today when I realized that Google had just added "birds-eye" views for Fort Collins. So, of course, I went to see what our home looks like. Much to my surprise, I found that Google just happened to catch us on the morning of March 29, 2012. Our moving day!

So, you better think twice before deciding to run around naked in your back yard. You never know when the aerial photography plane is going to fly by!


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Relaxing on The Eastern Seaboard

While we've been comfortably relaxing here in Southern Maryland, we've been neglecting the blog a bit. (Translation: Jonathan is way behind in his recap posts.) So, we'll try to make sure you all get back up to speed with our travels over the next few days.

After Montreal, we headed east to Quebec City.  QC looked even more European than Montreal, but felt a bit more touristy. And, none of those fantastic rental bikes to be had. And, we failed to use personal recommendations or Yelp to locate a restaurant for dinner. You'd think that it would be difficult to make bad nachos and pizza, but Le Cafe Buade succeeded. Lesson learned.

One interesting bit of history about QC is that the old part of town is a walled city.


After departing QC, we took the Route du President Kennedy on back to Maine. Other than the agent having a fantastic northeastern accent and him actually looking around inside the van, there was nothing too spectacular about our last (for the near future)…

A New Way To Get Clean

So it turns out that Jon and I REALLY like to be clean. In fact, I have learned that I will die if I don't shave my legs everyday. DIE.

Yesterday, we cleaned ourselves with a combo of bucket and solar shower in the Los Padres NF (National Forest); we were moderately successful except for when I dropped the bar of soap in the dirt. Jon LOVED that.

Today required a different solution, however, since we didn't think that Walmart would appreciate that sort of distraction in their parking lot.

Taking some great reader advice, we decided to try out the offerings of the Carpinteria, CA community pool. Turns out they discount their normal entrance fee of $5.50 to $2 for people like us who only want to take a shower. Score!

They had open showers so Jon decided to be THAT GUY who showered naked amongst the bathing suit clad masses who were just rinsing off before and after swimming. I was a little more modest and showered in the disabled shower using my towel as a curtain.

So here we sit…