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A Sip of Serendipity

Remember, back in January, when we toured O'Dell and New Belgium? No? Here is a reminder.

It just so happens that, tonight, on my way home from Ignite Fort Collins, I picked up some beer to restock our fridge. It also just so happened that Mighty Arrow was on sale.

Unpacking the beer at home, I was ready to utilize my new knowledge of decoding the New Belgium time stamp to see when these particular brews were born. Wait for it...

Yep. The 12 pack I just purchased was bottled exactly 4 hours 20 minutes after the beer that we pulled off the production line on our tour! Ain't life funny sometimes?

Car-Free in FC

We are officially car-free at the moment* so our breakfast plans this morning involved a combo of biking and busing.

Who needs a stinkin' car? :)


*The (new in September) radiator in our van broke. Booo! Since it is fairly new, it appears that we can exchange it for a new one but that will take some time as it has to be shipped out and then a new one shipped in. Looks like we'll have plenty of time to get the hang of being car-free!
Since I am on the topic of finance, I have two excellent documentaries to recommend.
"Inside Job"

'Inside Job' provides a comprehensive analysis of the global financial crisis of 2008, which at a cost over $20 trillion, caused millions of people to lose their jobs and homes in the worst recession since the Great Depression, and nearly resulted in a global financial collapse. Through exhaustive research and extensive interviews with key financial insiders, politicians, journalists, and academics, the film traces the rise of a rogue industry which has corrupted politics, regulation, and academia. It was made on location in the United States, Iceland, England, France, Singapore, and China. imdb


"Maxed Out"

When Hurricane Katrina ravaged America's Gulf Coast, it laid bare an uncomfortable reality-America is not only far from the world's wealthiest nation; it is crumbling beneath a staggering burden of individual and government debt. Maxed Out takes u…

The Post You Have All Been Waiting For!

Wherein I reveal the impact of short selling our house on my credit score!

February 4, 2010 (just before the short sale hit my credit):

Note that this was a scale of 830. I used the same company to get my scores both times (TrueCredit) and today they gave me my scores using a scale of 990. Why??? If they thought to confuse me, they FAILED! I know how to do math, yo.

February 4, 2010 in percentages:

February 6, 2011:

February 6, 2011 in percentages:


So my credit score dropped an average of 12% as a result of short selling our house (with one missed payment at the end of the short sale process). I have no idea if this can be unilaterally applied to other people in the same situation; how they calculate credit scores is something of a mystery and predicting what the effect would be was one of the larger irritations during the process. NOBODY could or would tell me. But hopefully this is a general guide of what to expect for those of you going through (or considering) the process.