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I have SFWDD

All day yesterday I suffered from SFWDD (San Fran Withdrawal Disorder, Dammit!).

Part of the purpose for this trip is to suss out where we would like to live next. We have a long list of requirements but two of the most important (to me) are culture and public transportation. We want to be able to easily and conveniently live our lives without a car and we want to be able to learn and be inspired.

In the U.S., this limits us to a handful of major cities (San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, DC and Boston) and I honestly thought that no matter where we went, we were going to have to suck it up and deal with at least one or two seasons of crappy weather. Not that we are strangers to crappy weather. 115 degrees anyone?

But now that we've spent some more time in San Francisco, talked to the locals (who are super nice!), walked and used transport around the city (which is super walkable and has super public transport!), we (read: I) am 98.6% sold on San Fran as our future home.

Did you know that the hottest it gets in the city is 90 degrees? 90 DEGREES!!!! That is practically balmy for people from Phoenix. Did you know that there are micro-climates in the city? That means that strategic neighborhood selection would mostly spare us from the occasional seasonal weather blues.

Thanks for the hospitality San Fran! We'll be back...


  1. I am so glad you guys had fun! I love the city - and I have the exact same requirements. Originally, I thought I was moving to DC after Taylor graduated but since Kyle is out there and Taylor wants to go to Berkeley - it makes sense for me to go there instead :). I am also liking the fact that the weather is great - East Bay is usually sunnier and warmer. Oh I hope you guys end up there - that would be awesome :)

  2. yep, i knew about the micro climates. sf is my favorite us city but i cannot afford to live there. and it's a little chilly for me. i don't mind 115 THAT much. i have good friends that lived in the city which was fantastic. they tried to buy when prices were at their highest & were always outbid. finally bought condo in highrise in the burbs. we still go to the city when i visit. that would be cool if you relocated there. we could all get together & have a fun time!

  3. @Charla - I don't know when it will be but I really do see us living there for even a short while. I imagine that it will around the time you move there or later - having you there would be fantastic!

    @Leanne - I do remember that you like the Phoenix summers! :) We'll definitely let you know when the deed is done and look forward to hitting the town with you!

  4. The Mission! And now you guys know exactly where I moved to Phoenix from. Sigh.

    That said, I'm typing away at a coffeehouse on a harbor facing the NYC skyline across the calm nighttime Hudson River. Waiting to show you guys my life, here, too. Now hurry your asses up! -o

  5. if/when you go back to sf i have a lodging tip. try san remo in north beach. it is very european, a pension (sp), cheap - less than $100. cute rooms. showers down the hall.

  6. We'll definitely have to check out San Remo. We actually got a great deal on the hotel ($50/night for the first two nights and $65/night for the last night) but as we plan to go back, we would love to try somewhere new!


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