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Egads, the Pacific Coast Highway is Beautiful!

After a rainy day of driving yesterday that ended up with me car sick (the PCH is really curvy!), I decided to drive today.

Video link here

Excellent decision as I am doing great and Jon has only a few more gray hairs (he doesn't always approve of my lane location I list to the right and have almost taken out an orange cone, rocks and a dump truck).

We got hungry along the way and wanted to finish the chili we cooked up a couple of days ago (note: regular chili recipes make a LARGE quantity and feed us for many, many days). As no designated picnic areas presented themselves, we decided to make due with what was available.

Video link here

We are now sitting in Cafe 316 in Monterey, CA, enjoying wi-fi, classical music, delicious drinks and beautiful weather. San Fran next, I think?


  1. Rusted Root + PCH = Awesome!

    Ellen, I am a right lister as well...

    Where are you staying in San Fran?


    ps- you guys be careful on the PCH... ok?!

  2. Glad you like the RR. We were listening to a mix CD given to us by some friends at our going away party. Good tunes!

    We ended up getting a cheap hotel here in SF. Only $50 a night and right on Market St.

    We forgot that Wit et el. lived here! Next time. The hotel is really cute and we haven't splurged since Vegas, so all is well.

    Thanks for the offer to hook us up! You are the best sister evah!!

  3. NIce Music to accompany the drive!!! :)
    we are MN on april 15-18th if you get that way by next week heehee...but if you need showers, I'm sure my parents will lend ya some quality H2O!!!


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