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Flashback: Hamburg, Germany

Just over a year ago, Ellen and I decided that it was time to escape the oppressive heat wave in Berlin. (This year the high for the upcoming week is a lovely 76. Time to go back?) Ellen had looked up several old friends, including one in Hamburg, Germany. This was our next destination. When we arrived, Anke, our hostess, already had big plans for us. Our first order of business was to travel downtown... by canoe. We learned that Hamburg has an extensive canal network, including more bridges than either Amsterdam or Venice.

Vid Link

That evening, we were taken to the very swank hotel-top bar: 20up. My favorite part was the view from the restroom...


On the way back home we took a stroll through the Reeperbahn past HerbertstraƟe and learned that you can identify a prostitute by the fanny-pack that they typically wear - not in back - but in front. It's important to keep an eye on the cash.


The next day, we decided to learn a bit more about the city and so we jumped on another free tour from Sandeman's. The tour stopped at some churches, including St. Peter's which housed the oldest art work known in Hamburg: these door handles from 1342...

Saint Peters Door

We also stopped at St. Nikolai, which was nearly destroyed by air raids during WWII...

Nikolai 1

Nikolai 2

In a darker part of German history, we passed by the MeƟberghof, which housed the company that manufactured the Zyklon B pesticide used in the gas chambers of Auschwitz. The figures on the outside are original... and extraordinarily creepy.


On a happier note, here is a poodle...


Hamburg has a huge port and was part of the Hanseatic League. This puppy sits atop the shipping house originally owned by Carl Laeisz. His "pet name" for his wife Sophie was "poodle." Now that's love. Other shipping houses along the tour also had some pretty interesting architecture.

Accounting House 1


Accounting House 2

We ended the tour in a modern area of town being heavily developed next to the new Symphony Hall, presently under construction. It should be pretty cool when completed. Watch its progress here.


We wound down the evening with a wonderful meal prepared by Anke and a few glasses of wine. The fresh ravioli she had picked up at the local market that morning was better than any we had in all of Italy. Absolutely.


The next morning (very early), we said our goodbyes to Anke and headed out to listen to some organ music and then wandered over to the fish market.


As to be expected, lots of vendors...

Fish Market

And, fish!


I wasn't ready for the cold slab of skin-on fish, so I purchased the Americanized version. Not too bad.

Fish Sammy

This guy could wield a butcher knife like it was his job. Wait. It was his job.

That's a Knife

Anybody want to buy a pigeon? Hamburg has you covered.

Birds For Sale

Finally, here are a few miscellaneous pictures from around the city that you should see:

This was not a handicapped person. Just a dog in a department store. Love it.

Supermarket Dog

Interracial gay marriage card in the same department store. How times have changed in 60-odd years. Good job.

Two Guys, One Cake

Specialized tools for brautwerk. Serious business.

Braut Tongs

And.... that's a wrap for Hamburg! Thanks again to Anke for being such a wonderful host to us!


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