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Hotel, Motel, Bryce Valley Inn

As promised, here is the video from earlier this morning.

Video Link

Tonight, we opted to stay in our first hotel of the journey. We went into Bryce NP and the campsites there had snow that was four feet deep.  The campsites were not much more than a wet asphalt parking spot barely cleared of snow.  We would not have even had access to the picnic tables at the sites which were still covered in snow.

Also, overnight temperatures are expected to be around 15° F.

Also, we smell bad and need showers.

Also, we are still quite addicted to Internetz.

If you are somewhere near the Bryce Valley Inn in Tropic, UT tonight, come knock on the door of room 110.  We'll have an old school hotel party.

P.S. - Bring beer.

Video Link


  1. You'll have to keep us posted on whether you notice any significant weight gain (from riding in the car so much) or weight loss (because of eating less food). Have fun on your freedom trip. It looks SO much fun!

  2. I expect it will likely be a weight loss (or maintain) rather than gain because we aren't going to be doing much eating out and will be drinking less alcohol (all to save $$). We'll see...


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