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Potentially Damaging Content

At work yesterday, I tried to stop in to this blog to make a few changes.  However, I was met with the warning posted below.  Great job, Websense.  You nailed it.  This is, indeed, potentially damaging content!

What if people realized that a mortgage contract was a financial and not a moral obligation?

What if people started working for themselves instead of selling themselves slightly short for the profit of a corporation?

What if people started visiting parts of the world that have been demonized by our news media and started realizing that there are fellow human beings living there?

What if people realized that unending material consumption is not a sustainable answer?

What if people realized that they can sometimes rely on each other instead of one-size-fits-all safety nets?

And most importantly, what if employers treated their employees as reasonably intelligent people and gave them the freedom to occasionally take a break at work to visit the website of their choosing while trusting them to still be able to manage their own workload?

Thanks for protecting me from myself, Websense.

Do you know what the real problem is with Websense? Because I just spoke negatively about the impact of their product, some executive at their company could arbitrarily choose to put me on their "black list" forever. Think about the social, political and moral implications about that level of control residing within one company.

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